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Knee-Jerk Reactions

This morning was ridiculous. One of the project managers emailed my co-worker, who is on vacation (as of yesterday), to open a job for him. For starters, he belongs to the group I handle. Always has. For another thing he didn't even have the PIS which is required in order to open a job.

Anyways, he freaked out when he received my co-worker's auto-reply Out of Office email and emailed our Supervisor to ask if she would be entering the job. She told him exactly what my co-worker's Out of Office reply said, email me! So he emailed me after receiving my Supervisor's response and I had forgotten to turn off my auto-reply Out of Office email off. So he received mine stating my work hours (because I am not a full-time employee). He (again) didn't read the contents and freaked out sending another message to my Supervisor (and a few other people in his department) saying "I'm so frustrated... Are we working at the government now?"

To which I got very annoyed and slightly upset with. I've been in this position for almost 3 years now and he doesn't even know in the first place that I enter his jobs, not my co-worker. Not to mention he was getting SO upset over nothing because his job can't be entered without the PIS, which still hasn't been created by this point in the story.

Well, on the bright the side, my Supervisor reacted better than I expected. She called him and explained to him that I'm a student and that company tries to be very supportive and flexible with a student's work hours. Shortly after their phone call I received an email from him apologizing and saying he "didn't read the out of office email properly". My thought was "you didn't read them at all!" But that's besides the point.

I heard later from various people that the people whom he had cc'd on the email, including his boss were all telling him to back off and leave me alone. And that he was over-reacting and various other true statements. It definitely made me feel better that people were on my side and understanding. :) And that's my story for today.




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